Studio Policy

Aspire Piano Studio


Michelle Hylton

385-223-4512 (preferred, and text is best)



Teaching Philosophy

Michelle integrates music theory, musicianship, and practice techniques into lessons. She believes that good technique is the best foundation and true art is built from that. She teaches beginners “real” music as soon as possible, both classical and pieces/songs they find interest in. Michelle also recognizes the importance of performance and gives these opportunities to her students.


Required Materials  

Access to a piano that the student can use daily  

Access to a computer or smartphone for music theory

Dependent on the student, one of the following method books: Wunderkeys, John Thompson, or Alfred’s

Sheet music, determined on an individual basis


Material costs not included in lesson fee.



Lessons are $20 an hour, $15 for 45 minutes, and $10 a half hour. Payment for the month is due at the first lesson of each month. 


Direction of lessons

Piano students may choose an emphasis for their lessons: classical music (emphasis on traditional methods), composition (emphasis on music theory and composition), or pop music (emphasis on chords, arranging and reading lead sheets) All lessons will include learning proper technique, some degree of music theory, how to practice deliberately, and how to perform.


Participation and Attendance

The student must practice. Minimum practice time will be determined with each student. If no practice is completed, the student may forfeit lessons.

Practice time will be logged in the student’s binder (provided by teacher).

Lessons may be cancelled and reimbursed OR re-scheduled if done at least 24 hours in advance. In the unlikely event Michelle cancels a lesson, it will of course be refunded or a makeup lesson scheduled.




Michelle is listed as a music teacher on DoReMiWorld.





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